Neuropsychological Evaluation

Our Neuropsychological Evaluation provides an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of an individual’s cognitive functioning and development.  This assessment for children and adults identifies neurological weaknesses that may impact an individual’s learning, efficiency/productivity, socialization, behavior, emotional control, or daily living.

When to Consider Evaluation

This assessment may be indicated for children or adults who are experiencing symptoms of a neurological disorder, have a developmental problem, genetic disorder, disease affecting the brain, or have had a brain injury.  It may also be appropriate for those who, even after previous evaluation, continue to experience difficulties functioning in their home, school, or work environment.

Components of our Assessment

Developmental, educational, medical, and family history
Review of medical, clinical, and academic records
Multiple behavioral surveys and rating scales from home and school/work
Clinical interview
Behavioral observations
Classroom observation if indicated
Tests of:

  • Intellectual functioning (full IQ battery)
  • Academic achievement (reading, math, written language)
  • Learning and memory
  • Attention and concentration
  • Executive functions (self-regulation, inhibitory control, task monitoring, working memory, problem solving, planning and organization)
  • Language, reasoning, and visuospatial abilities
  • Sensorimotor functioning
  • Behavioral, social, and emotional functioning

We are available to consult with school personnel, physicians, and others as needed.  We will participate in school meetings at your request and provide you with professional referrals when appropriate.  In addition, follow-up clinical services, including individual, parent, and family counseling, are available through the office of Dr. Jeffrey A. Fine Associates.

Getting Started
  • Call us at 215-860-1144 ext. 0
  • Speak with Dr. Fine to help you determine the type of assessment that will best fit your needs
  • Dr. Fine will then direct you to our experienced doctoral level licensed neuropsychologist who will perform the evaluation and advise you throughout the process
  • At the feedback session your psychologist will conduct an in-depth discussion, providing you with an understanding of your/your child’s needs, as well as thorough, specific, and useful recommendations
  • You will receive a comprehensive and detailed written report